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Online Python 2 Code Editor for Interviews

Experience the CodeInterview's Python 2 Code Editor & IDE. Crafted for collaboration, our platform ensures seamless real-time interaction between interviewers and candidates.

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Python IDE at CodeInterview

Getting Started with Our Python 2 Code Editor

Python 2 is a legacy version of Python that continues to be used in various projects and systems. Leverage CodeInterview's Python 2 environment to conduct focused technical interviews, enabling you to assess coding abilities intuitively.

This environment runs Python 2.7.

This Python environment comes with the following installed Libraries:

  • NumPy - Essential for scientific computing with support for large arrays and matrices.
  • SciPy - Built on NumPy, used for scientific and technical computing.
  • Pandas - Powerful data analysis and manipulation library.
  • SymPy - Library for symbolic mathematics and computer algebra.
  • Nose - Extends unittest for easier testing with automatic discovery and plugins.
  • Scikit-learn - Machine learning library featuring various algorithms.
  • Requests - Simplifies HTTP requests with a user-friendly API.

This REPL environment is provided via IPython - An interactive computing environment that makes using Python faster and more efficient. It supports interactive shells, a web-based notebook, tools for parallel computing, and more.

Amazing Candidate Experience

At CodeInterview, our Python 2 Online IDE and Code Editor enhance candidate experiences. The flexibility allows candidates to efficiently showcase their skills in a user-friendly environment, ensuring a seamless and delightful interview process.

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