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A Technical Hiring Platform Your Candidates Will Love

CodeInterview allows you to screen and interview software engineers with a fast, reliable and intuitive IDE.

Companies with engineering at their core rely on CodeInterview

The CodeSignal alternative that keeps your candidates engaged throughout the hiring journey.


Intuitive IDE

Interviews are stressful enough. Give candidates peace of mind with a familiar IDE that includes everything they need with zero learning curve.


Simple yet powerful code editor

Interview candidates in 30+ languages and frameworks using a simple UI and a built-in browser. Pull up a virtual whiteboard, start video calls and use autocomplete for a smooth hiring experience.


One-click interviews and templates

Start an interview now or create a link for later in less than 3 seconds with our Chrome Extension. Load up your own custom templates or use our pre-built questions for any level of experience to save time and meet candidate expectations.


Transparent pricing

We don't hide our pricing behind a sales pitch. Start with a 14-day, all inclusive trial and choose to stay free or a subscription from just $69 per month.

It's fast, easy and free to get started

No need for a credit card, try CodeInterview free of charge for 14 days using the steps below:

  • Sign up for a free account
  • Create a test or interview link
  • Share with a candidate or colleague to try it out

The product is easy to use but our US-based support team will be ready to help you (or your candidates) any time.


Uncover talent that will make an immediate difference to your team with these features


Plagiarism check

Remove any doubt of skill or question leaks with advanced plagiarism detection.

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Clear performance scores

Understand candidate performance at a glance with simple test scores that track speed and implementation when screening applicants.

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Detailed instructions

Delight candidates and de-stress their experience with practice questions and instructions at every step of the way.

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Whiteboard Mode

Conduct system design interviews with a virtual whiteboard that's a joy to use.

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Audio & Video

No need to rely on third-party tools for video conferencing - talk to candidates as if they were face-to-face with a reliable HD connection right in the code editor.

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Plus more tools than we have space for



  • One-on-one or one-to-many
  • Deadlines and time limits
  • Detailed reports
  • Private notes
  • Candidate profiles


  • 30+ Languages
  • Built-in Browser
  • Multi-level file structure
  • Database support
  • Code Playback

Admin & Teams

  • ATS integrations
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Shared templates
  • Chrome Extension
  • Secure SHell (SSH)

Here's what customers say

Companies like HP and Boston Dynamics scale their engineering teams with CodeInterview.

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“We use CodeInterview to get a sense of how people could fit within our team. Seeing how long a candidate takes and their decisions when solving a problem makes it easier to choose the right person.”

testimonial-img Faisal Nasim, Engineering Manager at Facebook

“CodeInterview has been the 10x our hiring process needed.”

testimonial-img Justin Kathan, Co-founder of Joist

“We love the option to automatically record the interview and then replay the session later.”

testimonial-img Tim Wei, HR Specialist, TuSimple

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