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What is CodeInterview

CodeInterview is a technical assessment platform focused on conducting effective interviews and helping you hire great developers with confidence.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, our mission is to build the fastest and most reliable interviewing software in the world. And we've already helped thousands of organizations streamline their technical recruitment.

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Our Story

Prior to starting CodeInterview, we ran a mobile app development agency with 25+ engineers and big-name clients like Toyota, ESPN and Next. We were constantly building teams of developers to meet project demands and quickly realized that technical recruitment is very hard and expensive.

Finding out a candidate isn't a good fit late in the process or even hiring the wrong person was an ongoing cost that the industry accepted as something normal. However, we knew there has to be a better way to screen and evaluate candidates without wasting precious hours that could be spent building software.


Enter CodeInterview

So we came up with several tools for assessing technical skill and interviewing developers before spending too much time and energy on recruitment. This is how CodeInterview came to be.

By scratching our own itch, we bumped into a real problem faced by thousands of companies worldwide, especially as more businesses switched to remote and hybrid work arrangements.

Core values

We look for specific qualities in new team members to make sure we're a good fit. Of course, we use CodeInterview to gauge your tech skills but we're also interested in these soft skills and attitudes:



We believe in honing our skills and mixing up art and science when it comes to software engineering.



We make software with high-quality code that's always available and works the same way, all the time.



Human civilization is built on trust and we try to embody this principle as much as possible in our internal culture and external connections with customers and suppliers.


Build the fastest and most reliable interviewing software in the world.


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