Database Interviews

Hire database engineers with confidence using built-in database interview support.

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Save and load database templates

Create a library of SQL problems to standardize your developer interview process. Load your templates during the interview for a seamless experience.


Switch between
SQL and 30+ other languages

Evaluate full-stack engineers on a range of skills by switching from SQL to other popular languages mid-interview.


MySQL shell

Interview faster and easier by allowing candidates to perform data queries and updates using a MySQL shell.


Plus everything you need to hold an effective database interview


Audio & Video

Brief candidates, talk about their solutions and explain concepts as you would in a Zoom call.


Invite via Link

Copy and share the interview URL in advance or invite candidates via email once you start.


Whiteboard Mode

Use a virtual whiteboard to illustrate problems and solutions when briefing candidates and reviewing their work.


Code Playback

Go back in time and instantly replay any past interview. CodeInterview records every keystroke including code output.


SQL Code Editor

Use an intuitive online code editor to compile and run code in real-time.


Private Notes

Take notes as you interview the candidate so you can review and compare later. These are only available to you and your team.

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