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Online Elixir IDE for Interviews

Use CodeInterview's Online Elixir IDE to streamline your interviews. Our platform supports effective real-time collaboration between interviewers and candidates.

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Online Elixir IDE at CodeInterview

Getting Started with Our Online Elixir IDE

Elixir is a dynamic, functional language designed for building scalable and maintainable applications. Running on the Erlang VM, Elixir brings a powerful and modern syntax to the world of concurrent programming. Elixir is widely used for web development, particularly due to its performance, fault-tolerance, and the robust Phoenix framework.

This environment runs Elixir 1.2.

You must define the module as Solution with a method named start, like this:

Code.compiler_options(ignore_module_conflict: true)
defmodule Solution do
    def start() do
        IO.puts "Hello"

Also notice the first line Code.compiler_options(ignore_module_conflict: true) which is needed by our system to work.

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