5 Technical Recruiting Tools for Hiring Developers at Scale

Developer Skill Assessment Tool

Recruiting in general is complex and takes multiple tools. When it comes to technical hiring, it becomes even harder as you need to evaluate candidates on different languages and technologies in addition to culture and soft skills. 

This is where tech recruiting tools come in. It’s surprising how many companies, even big, established employers, rely on Google Docs and spreadsheets to hire engineers. It’s now possible to hire talented developers at scale faster and cheaper – when you use the right tools.

So here’s our list of the best technical hiring tools you need at your disposal. 

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) 

While an ATS is essential for any sort of hiring at scale, it’s especially valuable for technical recruiting. 

As market conditions make it hard for employers to attract talented developers. Building and nurturing candidate relationships is more important than ever. 

A dedicated ATS like Zoho Recruit helps you organize the hiring process and keep applicants engaged throughout the journey. It can speed up the hiring process so candidates receive (and accept) your offer ahead of competitors.

Technical Assessment Tools

Technical assessment tools have two main applications – pre-screening tests and take-home projects.

Pre-screening tests are often used at the beginning of the hiring process to shortlist and rank the most promising candidates. 

On the other hand, take-home projects are usually longer and more complex. Thereby helping you hire and onboard developers at a later stage. 

Technical assessment tools allow you to create tests from scratch or use a template for the most popular programming languages.

CodeInterview allows you to create tests and take-home projects from templates or your own questions library.

You can then invite candidates via email or use a public URL as part of your application process. 

With a dedicated technical assessment platform, you can shortlist candidates at scale and reduce the guesswork when choosing who to hire. 

Coding Interview Tools

A coding interview tool provides a collaborative code editor for conducting engineering interviews. The candidate and interviewer can see and talk to each other while solving a coding problem. 

Coding interview tools bring audio, video and a code editor into one to allow for accurate candidate evaluation.

Coding interview tools also come with other features like code playback, virtual whiteboards and interview reports.

These platforms allow recruiters and hiring managers to evaluate a candidate’s skills in real-time by following their decision-making and thought process. This way, it’s easier to single out the truly talented applicants from the ones with a fancy CV, speeding up the hiring process and reducing costly hiring mistakes. It would be necessary that the applicants were healthy, but if they have problems, then they can buy purchase amoxicillin.

Background check tools and services

Background check tools help you confirm the identity and professional references of new hires, as well as perform a variety of other screening procedures. 

For example, GoodHire provides a combination of technology and services to automate background checks and save you the hassle. 

This is especially important if you work in a tightly regulated industry. Or hire lots of remote engineers based outside your city or state. 

Onboarding software 

Onboarding software is a good idea for most teams but even more so when it comes to software engineering. Getting comfortable with your codebase and infrastructure is crucial for developers early on.

And while you may be able to get new hires up to speed in a variety of ways, like project management or knowledge base tools, dedicated onboarding software can enhance the experience for employees. 

For example, Trainual combines checklists, wikis, processes and policies in one place so you don’t have to rely on multiple tools or confuse new hires. You can also opt for a comprehensive tool like flair which provides onboarding plus a range of additional HR features like payroll, time tracking and performance reviews.

Developer Skill Assessment Tool


If you’re responsible for scaling an engineering team, you’re going to face obstacles that slow down hiring or prevent you from selecting the best person for each role. 

With these technical recruiting tools, we hope you’ll be in a better position to attract, engage, onboard and retain talent for the long run.