What’s New in January 2023: Introducing R Language Support, Security Updates & More


With the new year come new CodeInterview features to help you screen and evalute technical talent. Here’s a summary of our latest updates:

Introducing R language support and other new libraries

  • R language support for version 4.0.3
  • Ruby autocomplete added
  • Pytorch 1.12.1 support in Python 3 for machine learning
  • Miniconda support in Python 3 to install any library except for plotting libraries
  • Async await feature for Typescript to better support promises
  • New JQ command line tool to parse JSON

Want to try these out? Scroll down on the languages tab to select them under the ‘Core’ option:


Bug fixes and other improvements

As usual, we squashed some bugs and introduced multiple performance improvements to make your CodeInterview experience better.

Among others, we introduced the TLS 1.2+ security patch protocol to make our platform more secure and made Open Ended Questions readable in public reports in our coding assessment tool RemoteInterview.

In addition, we have released a fix for our multi-file languages to prevent 504 errors and interview interruptions. This is exciting since it brings us one step closer to our full release!

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