4 Ways to Use Hacker News to Source Engineers

Hacker News can be a great source of finding engineering talent for your company. Here are few ways to get you started on HN:

Ask HN: Who is hiring?

“Who is hiring” is a monthly thread where companies can post technical job openings free of charge. A new thread is featured on the HN homepage on the first weekday of every month.

This is the link for the “Who is hiring” thread for April 2022.

Ask HN: Who wants to be hired?

Unlike “Who is hiring”, where companies post job openings, “Who wants to be hired” is a monthly thread where active job seekers post about themselves. The majority of job seekers are remote workers but you can also find candidates who are willing to relocate.

Here is the link to find past threads for “Who wants to be hired?”

Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer?

This monthly thread is dedicated for freelancing jobs only. 

Here is the link for past threads.

Bonus tip: follow “Show HN”

Show HN is a place where hackers post their interesting projects and showcase their skills. Check that space regularly to connect with smart people who are working on technologies relevant to your company.

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