Getting Started - Candidates

CodeInterview is a cloud-based live programming tool for code interviews. CodeInterview empowers both candidates and interviewers to solve coding problems in real-time with an online code editor and compilers.

This guide is for those tech geeks, who are being interviewed for any technical hiring by an organization. This document has instructions on how to use CodeInterview to get hired.

  1. Invited to Pad
    The interviewer sends you an invite link, accept it and you will join the pair-programming session with your interviewer and now you both share the same pad. The visible left pane is the code editor, whereas the right pane gives the terminal-style output. You can also have a video call with your interviewer as CodeInterview supports video calls.

    The task will be given to you by the interviewer.

  2. Programming Languages
    No matter which programming language is your forte, CodeInterview supports all languages and you may access them with a single drop-down option. CodeInterview allows you to run your code as you write it.

  3. Some Important Buttons

    • Programming language can be selected by Language dropdown.

    • The code written in the left pane can be executed by Run button available at the bottom left and result will be displayed in the right pane. The output can be cleared by using Clear button.

    • Settings button helps you access the editor, include key bindings, tab spaces, size as well as toggle theme. It lets you change the property of auto-complete.

  4. After Interview
    CodeInterview saves everything typed into the pad. Once the interview is done, the pads are inaccessible to you.
    The results will be shared as per company’s policy.

    If you have any query related to how CodeInterview works, send it to [email protected].

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